COMP4009 Foundations of Computer Systems

Coursework 2
Discussion of Operating Systems
Select one of the following areas of Operating Systems (OS) functionality:
 Processor management, multitasking, and scheduling
 File systems (focusing on implementation rather than the user interface)
Write a 1500 word essay comparing the functionality of Windows 10 and Mac OS Mojave in
the area you have chosen. It should include:
 How each OS solves the problems related to these fields
 How these solutions are implemented in the OS at the low level (e.g. not just “you
can run several programs at once” but what the quantum length and scheduling
strategies are
 What are the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions and why each OS has
been implemented in the way it has.
Note the following:
 Even within the word limit, it is possible to lose marks for excessive verbiage that
does not convey useful information
 Your research should be based on technical documentation rather than sales
material or other commentary. Both Microsoft and Apple make their developer
documentation freely available online.
 Keep a record of the sources you use and cite them in your essay
 Do not attempt to argue that either OS is objectively better than the other
The marking scheme is as follows:
 Technical description of how the features of operating systems work: 10% of module
 Discussion of benefits and reasoning behind the differences: 10% of module mark
 Good use of citations: 10% of module mark
 Good use of documentation: 10% of module mark

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