CMM524 Advanced Data Management

Coursework 1 Specification

1 Aim
This coursework examines the student’s ability to design a relational database, manipulate
and analyse large datasets, and to interpret analysis results.
2 Coursework Contribution
This coursework contributes 100% to the final module grade. For the weightings of different
parts, please see the separate marking grid document.
3 The Tasks
3.1 Part 1: Designing a Relational Database (2 grades)
Little Panda is a takeaway who wants to open up its business to accept online orders.
To do this, it needs a database to store its food menu, customer data and orders.
Your task is to design a relational database that runs on MySQL. Here are some
• Customers must register before they can make orders. They must provide
enough details for home delivery.
• Menu item prices may change. Customers are charged prices at the time of
• Little Panda needs to know the status of an order so that they can follow up.
e.g. either it is “waiting to be cooked”, “cooked and to be delivered”, or
delivered, etc. You can assume all orders are paid before they enter the
• Order details must be stored for accounting purpose, even after they are
Other than these it is a usual takeaway scenario. You can apply your common sense
to make reasonable assumptions.

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