TirathPal Singh

Cross Platform Application Developer

ASP.NET MVC C#, Cordova Phonegap, MS SqlServer, Web API, HTML & CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery , Angular JS, jQuery Mobile, XML and Cross Application Integration.

Tirath pal Singh working at Gleamfuture IT services as Cross Platform Application Developer.
A customer-focused, technically proficient, agile Cross Platform Application Developer with 13+ years of development experience. Designing and implementing enterprise level software to a very high quality. Managing a team of dedicated developers locally. Product management of complex software projects. Strong interest in agile methodologies, design patterns and software architecture.

PHONE : +91 9779552997

  • E-mail: tirath.braich@gmail.com
  • Skype : tirath.braich@gmail.com

ASP.NET MVC C#, .Net Framework 4.5, Visual Studio 2017
I have been using ASP.Net C# since 2008. I have extensive knowledge in the .Net framework, best practices & design patterns.

Mobile Apps using Cordova Phonegap and Xamarin/ AngularJS Apart from .Net Technologies.

In my free time, I explored Cordova Phonegap and Xamarin platform for mobile app development, I found Cordova easy and fast. I would like to say Xamarin is good for game development.

Tirath Pal Singh
Cross Platform Application Developer

Web Services, SOAP, XML, JSON
Experienced in writing web services for AJAX, Remote website  and Mobile app communication.
JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX / Angular JS
Proficient in writing Javascript using JQuery library. I have intermediate knowledge of Angular JS and Node.js.
HTML & CSS / Bootstrap/ JQM
I do HTML & CSS code by hand and pretty much know about them by heart. I know how to make it work across major browsers/versions.  I am very much familiar with twitter bootstrap and jQuery mobile which gives me a power of responsive website development.
Database Design/  MS SQL Server /  MS Access/ MySql/ SqLite
Experienced with relational database design and proficient in writing SQL statements and stored procedures. I have very good experience in LINQ to Entity. For standalone desktop and mobile applications I like to use SqLite.

Server Setup & Management, Windows Server
Familiar with Windows Server (IIS, DNS, FTP). Currently running and maintaining own Windows VPS server.

Projects : Web Applications(SaaS), Websites and Cross Platform Developement