Part A: News Feed Aggregator

Your aim in this assignment is to develop an interactive “app” which allows its users to select how many news stories they want to see from several different news sources. There must be at least four different sources, two of them “live” news feeds and two “archives” of previously-downloaded news items. Most importantly, the two online web documents from which you get your “live” news must be ones that are updated on a continuous basis (at least daily but preferably much more often) so your program needs to be resilient to changes in the source documents. These two news sources must also come from different web sites (i.e., different web servers), to allow for one of the sites being temporarily offline.

For the purposes of this assignment you have a free choice of which news sources to use, provided there are always at least ten stories in each one, the stories are updated frequently, and the information available for each story includes a headline, the date/time of publication, a photo, and a short textual description. Appendix A below lists many “RSS Feed” web sites which should be suitable for this assignment, but you are encouraged to find your own of personal interest.