Mobile Applications Development

Tutorial Exercises: Following the Spinner example in Lecture 4 create an app with a list of pizzas. Eg. Ham and pineapple, Supreme, Seafood, Italian, Meat lovers etc. Upon selecting one from the spinner list a Toast should pop up indicating the choice.Reproduce the same action as in question 1 using a ListView.Modify your app from exercise 2 to include a suitable image. You will have to find images and copy them into the res/drawable or mipmap folder in Android Studio. Include a custom adapter so as to display a star image next to the items such as “Supreme” and “Seafood” to indicate these are “on special”.Modify your app from exercise 2 to include a checkbox in each list item so that when the user clicks on a list item the…
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Part A: News Feed Aggregator

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Your aim in this assignment is to develop an interactive “app” which allows its users to select how many news stories they want to see from several different news sources. There must be at least four different sources, two of them “live” news feeds and two “archives” of previously-downloaded news items. Most importantly, the two online web documents from which you get your “live” news must be ones that are updated on a continuous basis (at least daily but preferably much more often) so your program needs to be resilient to changes in the source documents. These two news sources must also come from different web sites (i.e., different web servers), to allow for one of the sites being temporarily offline. For the purposes of this assignment you have a…
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